2023 Girls Super Tournament Registration


2023 Girls Super Tournament Registration


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by: Henry Whitney

2022 Boys Basketball Tournament




2022 Chaska Boys Basketball Tournament November 5th-6th, 2022



Grades 4-8 (A,B&C) Levels of Play

 Minimum of 3 Games

Cost $495


First 8 teams registering in each grade/level accepted

No Open/All Star and/or Independent/Renegade Teams Allowed

Excellent Facilities  On-Site Concessions

Deadline for registration is October 10, 2022 (or when filled)

For More Information Contact Becca Richardson or Miaja Jorgenson

Tournament Directors: chaskaboystourney@gmail.com

Or CAYBBA Website at www.caybba.com


















by: Henry Whitney

CAYBBA Traveling Transfer Policy

CAYBBA Traveling Basketball Transfer Policy


CAYBBA is operating under the District 112 boundaries that went into effect for the 2017-18 school year.


Exceptions will be made under the following circumstances, in accordance with Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) guidelines.


  1. Players who reside outside the Chaska High School attendance area, and are enrolled at a school within the Chaska High School attendance area, are eligible to participate in CAYBBA Traveling Basketball. This exception applies to students who attend private schools, attend a school via open enrollment, or attend a school via intra-district transfer.
  2. A player is eligible for CAYBBA Traveling Basketball if a parent or guardian resides within the Chaska High School attendance area.

Waivers are available via the MYAS website.

by: Jeremy Lane